Q: What age is recommended for my kid to start with your Creative Kids Art Classes?
A: Based on our experience, age 5+ will be recommended for enrolling in our Creative Kids Art Classes. We are encouraging young kids to enter our studio ready to observe, imagine, explore and draw their own stories, rather than just colouring or copying. What we advise parents is that there’s no need to rush, but find a right age to start art programs when your kid is able to concentrate on an art task with interest.

Q: Why art for my kid?
A: Visual art is one of unique languages in the world, just as important as verbal and written languages. From our practical experience, art is fundamental to education, because art can be an effective tool for learning about other school objectives. More importantly, art is really fun. A child who is having fun is an engaged and happy child, which in turn helps him/her learn better.

Q: Why Draw My Stories kids’ art studio is ideal for my kid?
A: Draw My Stories has a great art & teaching philosophy to fill your kids’ life with art and creativity. We have been passionate in providing great but affordable kids art classes over the last few years with wonderful feedback from our parents and our young artists. All our classes are limited to small groups, therefore every child benefits from individual attention.

Q: What can my kid learn at Draw My Stories?
A: We provide fantastic art classes to our young artists of all levels. With a small group size, Draw My Stories is a great place where your kid can improve their visual art skills and techniques. Diverse art programs are designed to help children develop creative thinking, inspire imagination and encourage self-expression. To learn more about our different programs, please check our classes.

Q: What does my kid need to bring to your art classes?
Clothing: What should they wear? This is the question our parents often ask when enrolling. A great tip to share, always ask your kid to wear old clothing, although most of our art materials are easy to clean.
Food: We always prepare some lovely snack foods for kids to enjoy during the break. But feel free to bring you kids favourite food and drink. Please let us know if your kid is allergic to any particular food when filling out the enrolment form.
Art materials: We provide most basic art materials for the art classes, including drawing pencils, colour pencils, soft pastels, painting brushes, watercolor material and etc. From time to time an extra $3 to $5 may be required for delivering some of the art programs, e.g. canvas painting projects. We will let you know about these surcharges the class before.

Q: Should I pay for the whole term?
A: Draw My Stories does not have a strictly term-based payment scheme, we shall ask you to pay on the day before the class begins. Please find fee details here. We do, however, encourage your kid to come to our classes every week to give them the best chance to build interest and skills in art by following our well-structured art programs. In the meantime, please be patient with the progress your kid is making, you will never know when they can surprise you. Due to the limited spots available, please understand that we will only be able to reserve spots for those kids that regularly attend our classes.

Q: What can I do as a parent to support my kid?
A: Please start to be an artful mum or dad and bring art into your family. Remember, your kid can’t wait to show what they created (painting/drawing or craft-making) to you after the art class. Their art pieces can be realistic or abstract, please enjoy the stories your kid’s got when they share it with you and provide supportive and constructive feedback, because your feedback will be really important to helping your kid build confidence and cultivate a passion for art.

Q: What can I do as a parent to work with Draw My Stories?
A: You won’t find yourself isolated from the programs at Draw My Stories. After each class, you will always be finding some great class photo shots from our Instagram. You will be excited to see what your kid and their team have achieved every week. Surprisingly for some, our kids can be inspired not only by the great art programs themselves, but also by their peers. Let us know how you feel by simply following our Instagram and leaving comments. In addition, we will keep posting free inspiring art video tutorials, as well as art diaries. We at Draw My Stories are looking forward to working closely with you, the parents, in promoting a happy and healthy learning environment for your kid.