8 questions to askYou may never really think about how to answer your little one when he/she shows you his/her new artwork. Instead of just saying “yeah, good job” or “that is pretty cool”, asking some simple open-ended questions will encourage your child and help build confidence.

Try to be an artful mum and dad at home. Next time, pick up some of the following open-ended questions and talk to your child about their newly created art piece. This little practice, simple as it seems, will support creative thinking and develop your child’s critical-thinking skills.

1. What can you tell me about your drawing, painting or hand-making?
2. Where did you get your idea?
3. Why don’t you tell me the story behind your painting, drawing or hand-making?
3. What materials did you use?
4. Why did you choose those colours?
5. What title would you give this artwork?
6. What is your favourite part of this artwork?
7. If you were to create this artwork again what would you do differently?
8. If you had more time what would you add to your artwork?

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